Gulf Gasket Factory Loyalty Award 2021

July 15, 2021


In the loyalty and service for hardworking in this company during the almost past 26 years.

In recognition and giving the award of appreciation to :

  • Thapa Bahadur
  • Hom Gurung
  • Alamgir Ansari
  • Ansari Ahmad


Our very Generous and Loving, Person General accountant

Mr. Froilan Dupale.


Our Hardworking Collection in charge

Mr. Arles Boboyo.


In the list of 10 years in Hardworking Service.


  • Mr.Prasan Kumar.
  • Mr. Issac Belmonte
  • Paul Sarion


  • Mr. Arul.
  • Nan Singh.
  • Jaman Singh.




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